About Us

We are lovers of all things shea and we make it for you, for your family, for life.

We have always used Shea butter as a skin moisturiser, but our foray into other natural products began with a quest to find a homemade shampoo for a very dry scalp. This led to a discovery of herbs, flowers, and plants and other natural ingredients that can be used for all aspects of life, from body care to cleaning products. Realising how many chemicals we subject ourselves to daily brought to light the fact that making our own products at home would give ourselves and our children a much healthier environment.

Since we are around athletes daily and are athletes ourselves, it was natural that our first product was a muscle ache reliever. Using Shea butter as a base, we developed our Moisturising Muscle Butter (the kids have fun saying that one!), and along with our original whipped shea butter, came up with a product line we call Anta Faye.

Anta Faye is the legacy we hope to leave our children, our dream of a better future, and our commitment to using natural ingredients.

Anta Faye is a family business that blends talent, culture and natural ingredients from different parts of the world. Anta Faye's primary proprietors hail from Jolly Ol' England and the ancient Mandinka people of the Mali Empire of Western Africa, with lineage tracing back to the great king Sundiata Keita. African royalty is a perfect fit for a Brit and the rich African culture provides endless creative opportunities.

The background of our logo and product labels pays tribute to both these great heritages. If you look closely, you will see three distinct patterns.

  • The cross and the x of the Union Jack, flag of Great Britain.
  • The green, yellow and red vertical stripes of the Malian flag.
  • The pattern of a traditional African Mud Cloth.